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Adjika from our family to yours...

We are a small family run business based in Hampshire. Our passion for food and cooking led to us starting this mission bringing homemade Georgian adjika chilli paste to our customers.


A mother and daughter duo living in the Hampshire countryside, passionate about home cooking and sharing flavours from Eastern Europe and Western Asia. For many generations, food has been at the heart of bringing our family and friends together - we wanted to share the happiness from our dining table to yours with flavours and tastes you might have not experienced before!

So we decided to start Happy Adjika - a Georgian chilli paste made with the finest ingredients, from our family kitchen to yours.

We believe in sustainability and community - we use the best of local and seasonal food, whilst supporting small businesses and farmers around us. We also use authentic Georgian and Abkhazian spices sourced from the markets, and where possible home grown ingredients.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring you exceptional adjika chilli paste - our aim is to take you on a Georgian journey of flavours with every bite, without you having to leave your home.

Our adjika is freshly prepared in our kitchen, and then delivered direct to your door.

We partner with local green grocers, and seasonally grow our own produce in our kitchen garden which we include in our meals! We support local businesses and source our ingredients and materials from Hampshire and Wiltshire suppliers. And when we feature authentic ingredients from Georgia we mean authentic - the spices in our pastes and sauces come from Georgian and Abkhazian food markets, from small family owned businesses.

We also take care to ensure our packaging is sustainable and eco friendly - finding the right solutions for the food we deliver to you, and ensuring you can recycle the packaging with ease.

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