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Indulge in the fiery flavours of our Scotch Bonnet Adjika Chilli Paste, a new take on a traditional chilli paste from the heart of Georgia. Handcrafted with care and made to order, this spicy condiment ignites your senses with the harmonious blend of Scotch Bonnet chilli peppers and aromatic garlic, all balanced with a secret mix of herbs and spices.

Scotch Bonnet Adjika Chilli Paste

  • Scotch Bonnet (85%), Garlic (5%), Salt, Mixed herbs

  • Energy KJ  167

    Energy kcal  40

    Fat  0.4g

    (Saturates)  0g

    Carbohydrates  8g

    Sugars (naturally occurring)  3g

    Salt  7g

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