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Discover the Fiery Flavours of Adjika

Adjika Chillie Paste

Welcome to Happy Adjika Co., where we bring the spirited essence of Eastern Europe and Western Asia right to your doorstep in Hampshire.

What is Adjika?

Adjika (ad-jee-kah), a fiery and flavourful condiment, hails from the heart of Georgia. Our recipe is common in the Abkhazian region - this vibrant paste is a perfect marriage of sun-ripened red peppers, aromatic garlic, and a blend of authentic Georgian spices. Its spicy kick and bold flavours are the heart and soul of many Georgian dishes, enhancing everything from meats to vegetables!

The Benefits of Eating Chillies

The primary ingredient that gives adjika its spicy charm is the humble but mighty chilli pepper. Packed with capsaicin, chillies offer more than just heat; they bring an array of health benefits. From natural pain relief to boosting metabolism and promoting heart health, chillies, and their capsaicin content offer a spectrum of potential advantages, making your culinary adventure not only flavorful but also potentially beneficial for your well-being.

Local Sourcing, Authentic Flavors

At Happy Adjika Co., we take pride in sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers right here in Hampshire. Our dedication to authenticity doesn’t stop there; we use genuine Georgian spices to ensure the flavours in our adjika are as close to tradition as they can be, crafting a taste that transports you to the market streets of Georgia.

Savor the Tradition, Embrace the Flavour

We invite you to join us on a culinary exploration that transcends borders. With Happy Adjika, you're not just enjoying a condiment; you're savouring tradition, celebrating local produce, and embracing authentic flavours. Add a jar of our adjika to your kitchen, and unlock a world of Georgian taste right on your doorstep.


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